Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day One Japan 2010



Chicago Time

30,000 feet over Lake Winnepeg

Taxi ride to ORD was very nice, an engaging competent Chicago cabbie. Security was smooth. Its all about quick release shoes.

Once boarded, we were about to take off and the winds made the plane change the runway assignment. We toured the airport on the 777 and eventually took off on a runway set up for arrivals.

If the 777 sounds better than a 727 or 747, don’t believe the hype. Its rather cramped. Take off was shaky and we expect sporadic turbulence. The forecast for Tokyo is rain and cold, 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lunch was a beefy treat with an admirable attempt of sushi as a side dish. Jack Daniels is the perfect accompaniment.
There are plenty of lame George Clooney films available. Tomo is watching one of them. I made it through the credits and about 13 seconds of content for another one before switching to a variety of fun radio stations.

Micheal Jackson This Is It is about to begin., saw it twice , quite good. Three times is not the charm.

Over Western Canada

34000 ft, 504 mph
Great Bear Lake
Listenin to Paul Weller, wanting to shoot some video/pix when we hit Alaska,

The flight is subduded.

8 more hours.

Played electronic Battleship on the plane. Nailed IT.

Going to go to Hiroshima this time around.

I cannot reach the keyboard properly, this is a cramped freakin plane.

8;08 pm
2035 miles outside of Tokyo
35,000 ft above the Sea of Ohkotsk outside of Siberia

4 + hrs to Tokyo 1:11pm Thursday local time

Watchin Men Who Stare at Goats, still bright daylight,  this movie should pay royalties to Apocalypse Now
and damages.

Movie was mercifully short. I guess the goats won

Going on 9pm, Wednesday back home.
Beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon here, -52 degrees outside.

We rode in on the bottom of the gulfstream, which translates to a rough last hour of flight. Landed safe, took the Express to Shinjuko. At Tokyo station the 14 car train, splits into two halves. Half goes to Yokohama and the other half goes to Shinjuko. Two train transfers later we arrived into Ekoda, met Kumoko, Tomo’s mother, and got settled into the mansion.

Kumoko’s friend, Uchida-San, treated us to an incredible Japanese meal. We had an-kimo, which is essentially a fish version of foie-gras, fatty fish guts.  Drank wonderful Sochu, had a great sashimi platter consisting of maguro,tuna; saba, mackeral; katsuo, bonito tuna. This was a warm up for Tako croquets,octopus; hirami, a grilled fish that swims or swam sideways.

Anyhow its 10:43pm here Thursday, we have been up more than 24 hours, hope all is well.

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